Can’t complain, going slow but forward. Made a new push up record of 10, compared to 0 six months ago.


Super news! I regained some feeling, bottom of my foot. Now I can feel about 40% of the sensation. Strange since it is the same nerve. Doing exercises, I could not do 3 months ago, and my body is shaping haha

April 04 2012

I am working out, currently doing more advanced balance techniques. I’m able to take a few steps in the pool now, which I’m immensely proud of. I stepped up my workout’s focusing more on balance. Goal, independent walking with walker by July 30th.


Nothing new, took a week off, much needed rest. Now reborn, things are going better. I can punch the bag without losing my balance. Currently I am going for pool therapy twice a week. Now I am finally able to take a few steps in the pool.


I’m working out constantly; the right side of my face began to sweat not like the left but still. My progress is quicker, fast enough for me to notice. Pool exercises are becoming easier, and I can really see it. I walked with a small walker about 100m myself, I could not do this 2 months ago. I hope by December I can use it to get around. I purchased an elliptical as recommended; it sure is a workout. I can do 9min x 2 so far.


Nothing new. I made 8 steps for a new record. Going strong.


Well, I have a scar. I fell while training and cut my knee. Now I am on antibiotics and have 5 days off.


Well, I’m stronger and back at it.


Great news! I can walk 5ft half the pool length and all the way in 4ft of water with a noodle. Things are improving very quickly, at this pace the small walker by xmas is possible.


Made a video and uploaded to YouTube video


I’m no longer at the hospital, I’m continuing my pool physio at the recreation center. Things are going very well; I like it very much. Private lessons are starting in Jan, I will make a clip. I’m doing my stuff at home and changing my workouts which causes guessing to my body.



Nothing new, I’m able to do an exercise below and I was not able to do it a few months ago. I know that my goal will happen in 2013. A normal person might not be able to do this, it requires good balance and here I’m doing it. I’m getting lots of support from my neurologist and WellSpring Pharmaceutical with all the employees there. Everyone who supports my goal, thank you and I will not let anyone down. Promise.



One of my older movies from Sept, doing shoulders. It was laying around so it’s here.



Thank you for your kind words, I didn’t think people would read this. In response to a lot of questions about what happened with my ex. I will briefly explain what happened.

After a few months in the hospital, I then went to Germany for stem cell treatment and after a few days met my loving mom in Poland (yes mom, the wife was uninterested in helping). Due to an eye infection, I missed two months’ worth of physio training. My wife threatened to divorce if I did not return next month after I explained my situation to her. I called the next day and explained that I wanted to go walking again and I would return in a few months

The day after she dumped me, she emailed separation papers and told me I would not be able to see my daughter unless I signed them. Due to my absence, I knew she couldn’t do anything since I wasn’t in the country. I had all my money taken out, my credit cards cancelled, and my home line disconnected. I was unable to pay for anything. Fortunately, people loaned me the money.

I moved into my loving parents’ home after returning to Canada. It was only after I contacted a lawyer that she let me see my daughter. Despite her difficulty, I finally saw her for an hour on the driveway after two months. During my absence, my family was so gullible in believing her lies that she became a victim. OMG!

Over the last 3.5 years, they have done nothing but spread more lies. This is a very sad situation to see strangers helping, family not helping, and the wife forgetting her vow “in sickness and in health” and not returning the engagement ring. It just goes to show that some people are not afraid of God.

So that’s my summary, I can then show my daughter the chat logs, e-mails, and lawyer logs, plus government papers, to prove how wonderful her mother was. As she puts it, “for a blind cripple and an excuse of a man”.

Please send any future emails to gregsiofer@iwillbewalking.com, I get way too much spam on the other address. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions. Everything is going well for me. My MRI will be on Thursday, and I’ll begin personal pool training on January 11.