Happy New Year to all! Yeah, I’m back to it this year, and I’ll be able to reach my walking goal this year. The thing I’m doing will remain the same…just maybe I will become addicted to it, is that bad? I’m not sure, but I’ve been gaining, and I’ll continue to achieve more gains in 2015.


Started pool back up, things are going to happen shortly. I have this feeling sooooon I mean soon. I upped my elliptical machine time for an extra 5 min, right now I’m stopping at level 11. Level 12 would be pushing my luck.


Everything is going well, soon things will occur I have this feeling. Picture of me in the basement striking a pose for the camera.



It’s official, I have a ear infection. I will miss pool a few days including my sexy workouts. I have a needle in my arm and going to be on antibiotic IV plus ear drops… and it was going so well too.


My last day of IV then just oral antibiotic…. I will slowly go back into my workouts and resume pool on Monday, well that’s my plan anyway.



Off the IV now just oral antibiotics. I was thinking elliptical today…it’s not happening, tomorrow? In any case my mp3 player is charged and ready for action.


Everything is good, I might take pool off this week I’m still taking oral antibiotics and I’m not 100%



I’m getting my energy back, it will be unleashed on Monday. Right now, I’ll enjoy my off time plus I have an urge for popcorn.


Well, I had my popcorn…. enough said. I missed the pool today due to snow/wind but tomorrow for sure.



I’m back at the pool, yes finally. Went ok, nothing to brag about… everyone is happy.


I had a thought for summer…haha way ahead wow.


Look here, another month. Is it me or has the time sped up? There was a snowstorm, so the pool was off. However, it did not stop me from doing my pushups.


I took a picture of the snow, no outside walks for now. I’m tempted to up my elliptical to 12, I’ll wait till Monday if I can resist?



I’m not sure what’s happening when I use the elliptical and after a minute my left leg goes side to side. This has occurred 2 times now. Could I be overpowering my leg or is it drained? I went too hard on my legs. I’ll put it down to 7 tomorrow and see.


I upped my elliptical time but dropped intensity level, leg is holding. Level 12 is out of the question right now. Added new stuff for legs, it was too much. Pool is going good however…


Ok…here goes, I downed my elliptical level again and upped my time. Now I did this level a year or so before, I just now move faster. Too top it all off, I hurt my back again…yes again. Never underestimate the next day… well now I must figure something out, I’m not taking time off!


Well…I took 2 days off and it’s a bit better. I will do something light today, I don’t want to squirm again.


Tomorrow I will attempt a small workout…. I have done extremely limited things, time to step it up and see. Pool is going well; I will post a “fresh Image” soon.


Back has less pain, Monday I will increase my workouts and will see…. Pool is going well if you’re wondering.


I still have my back discomfort; it’s taking its sweet time for sure. I will slowly increase back stuff, which is 80% of things I do and next Monday I start going crazy… this I need to make up. That’s my plan… besides summer is close by and I want to hit Fortino’s with a walker, some goal, eh?


Quick update: still with lower back pain but I have increased my tension on my back and it’s not getting worse… drinking milk may be the factor


The nice weather is approaching, meaning I will be outside more. I have removed all back exercises it will be like this till Monday to heal my back. If I do anything, it is very minimal plus this is working. I can put a sock on with no pain and it’s not milk…besides, it does the body good.



I’m getting ready for the summer but want to do some things first. Will have a week off from pool (March break) gives me the opportunity to chill with my daughter. I have a plan… if it works. I will continue with my workouts just not that intense as usual.


It turns out that I have a pulled back muscle… yes don’t ask me how because I have spent an entire week figuring out why I have pain. Now I’m chilling with my daughter and healing in the process.

2015-03-19 18.11.53


My daughter has been dropped off and Monday I’m back full swing well…80% don’t want a pulled muscle again. To start my day tomorrow, a cup of milk in the am for a body boost.


It’s going well…. It is. I’m outside more now for my exercises. Smiling away and as a result I can do things I dreamt of last year but it’s the beef jerky I’m consuming?



I made a short video of some of my work, some old and new clips. Enjoy!


Thank you for the positive criticism, I have not received a negative review yet… I will do another video soon. As for news: still got back pain and still trying to figure it out why? But I manage, and I continue anyway with my exercises. The pool has improved, and I now have a small elbow bruise. Happy Easter!

06 April2015

I hope everyone had a happy Easter! My regular schedule resumes.


Nothing to report but I finally beat Chess Master if that counts. Yes, I play chess sometimes…


The weather is finally good, and my mood is better. Things are happening faster than expected, could it be the beef jerky I’m consuming? On a serious note: I believe that I can accomplish one of my goals in 1-2 months if not earlier.


Pool soon, yes mmmm chlorine however I’m doing very well… well I think anyway.


Sooooo pool is closed today ah. The weather is crappy and cold plus I have a cramp…. however, I still did some stuff and I’m going to sit on my exercise ball shortly.



Everything is swell, pooling soon. I want to try something…I think I’m ready if so, my workout difficulty will increase 40% or soooo…. well will see tonight. Got cold again plus I decreased my elliptical 10 minutes, leg was acting up, I will stay like this for a week.


I can say that in 99% I did it and will now stay at it. .. until I pull something. Other news: I still have swelling on my face but in the last 2 days I noticed a drop. My nero appointment is coming up and I’m waiting for my summer hat I ordered.


Ah yes, it’s May. I have a new plan for this month, but I won’t reveal it until I can do it easily.



Did I mention it’s now humid outside?

Took my bike out last night for the first time and just missed the rain, 10 minutes haha


Just chilled with my girl on the weekend…but I have a plan for tomorrow. Did I mention it’s now humid outside?


Nothing to report, only that I’m yawning a lot today.


I’m happy to report no more back issues, it turned out to be weaker back muscles, since incorporating them I now have no troubles. I’m more outside now…breathing in the fresh Hamilton air and I got a tan. No, I was not tanning.



Everything is well, the weather got warmer, and our tree is blooming. As for me…. I’m here.



It is raining, ruining my plan. Ahhhhh


The weather is a bit silly but adapting to the situation anyway. I believe my balance has increased dramatically. I can now wash my hands plus towel dry. It’s an accomplishment from last year, well one of my goals… it’s harder than it sounds.


I’m taking some time off from the pool…I need to I’m too busy. In the meantime, I’m more focused on my other workouts plus its summer well soon.


I’m good…I had my glass of milk and things are happening. The weather is blah but ignoring it unless it’s really coming down than I’m inside otherwise chilling outside. Legs are a bit sore, going to take easy on them this weekend.



I’m good with nothing to report again but my strange craving for Mr Big!!


On Saturday I finally did my monorail, it’s my tester. However, I went on it after my exercises, so it did not go so well but better than last year regardless. I will try it this weekend without doing anything.


Everything is going well…. warm outside and the bees are flying. I have a few new exercise ideas that I want to try tonight.


I added some more resistance with light dumbbells, now it’s on!

2015-06-21 09.08.31


Happy July! I’m well…well as I can be. I started using a ball and dumbbell’s making more weird twists plus more walking on my 4’s with my super variations and thinking it can’t be done. Boy was I wrong, to think I was not able to do it.


Just relaxing today…I need it.


I made some cookies on the weekend.



Sorry for the late news, I just got on the computer. Face/cheek swelling went down again… when will it finish? Doing more 4 walking and reading more articles on brain nerves. Feeling good and refreshed.


I hid indoors, it’s too hot outside. I sweated too much my plan has been altered.



Not really planning anything…will see. I might just drink a beer or two.


Everything is well…I had three beers that night and felt better after each beer. Beer’s aside, doing more balance stuff and twists.


I must things are blooming…. doing lots of balance stuff.


It is not comfortable outside, I tried it’s not happening.



The temp cooled off a bit and I took advantage of it. Got a better stationary bike and I like it, on the elliptical …. well, I don’t really “push” not yet anyway. Missing pool but summer is almost over, and I got bitten by a mosquito last night FYI.


Nothing really to report…. I got a bruise.


I did a long bike ride last night, yes, the wind was felt. Did some computer cleaning plus watch some videos on how to engage core muscles more? I also got back into my elliptical machine, well started to push myself again and yes, a sweat drop appeared.


I wait until early evening then I go outside, not comfortable otherwise. I can do my stuff….



Mostly relaxed today however I planned of things to do this week. I did the elliptical and will raise the level of resistance next time.


Nothing to report really…. it is cooler.


My speech has improved but I’m still waiting for my top nerve to kick in. It will happen very soon, but I must be patient. I have increased my workout volume and cardio for now.


Ahhh the heat. It’s impossible to do anything outside, if I do it’s noticeably short and the sun is down.


Still humid, I do truly little outside.



Can you say heat! Well, I did 5 minutes outside but did more inside and still had a sweat drop. I energized myself with a cold 2 3 beers. I will resume pool next week; I was thinking this week but warm water ummm not right now.


Got warm again and as a result I’m outside more.


Well to start off, the weather is more comfortable, so this means I’m outside enjoying the air until winter comes. I have not started pool yet…. soon, I hope. Couple Dr checkups nothing happening to report, but I got a ladybug bite mark YES, a ladybug.


Face has much less swelling and opening mouth looks more oval however still pulling but less noticeable. I made some minor achievements but not on command, a few more days are needed. There was an invasion of fruit fly’s outside in the evening, and I might have swallowed a few, in other news: nothing to report.


Happy October. Yes, I know a bit late. I have a small amount of swelling left on the cheek, but I hope it ends by the end of the month. Nothing really to report but I’m slowly looking at Christmas gifts.


Happy turkey day! well in a day…. I have relaxed this weekend and I must say, my body is thanking me. I went a bit hard this week…. well, I think. Nothing else to report.


Everything is well…. election tomorrow and I got my vote mode on. Weather is a bit colder and not wanting I putted on my gloves/hat. That’s all….


The costume is set for tomorrow, things are going forward. My face swelling is extraordinarily little now and my elbow bruise is gone.



Last night for the first time I brushed my teeth standing up…. I know shocking and to think I would not be able too. Crazy!


Very windy today but I took advantage of it by hitting the rail and doing some standing exercises with the added difficulty.


I have subscribed to my favorite health magazine; I was before but who knows I might just learn something new. Enjoying the warmth went for a bike ride last night, today?


I started back the treadmill, it was neglected a bit. I thought it be worse, only 3 minutes lost before the trip.


The weather is nice so far, this new month. Spending more time outside…. looked at the blooming flower.



I went for a bike ride last night and the grass was green. The earth is spinning slower too, so it makes sense everything is shifting. Shopping is complete and I now await Christmas, snow you ask? Not sure but I’m optimistic….to a degree of course.


Ok… weird, grass is still green? Plus, I saw a bee, anyway. Christmas is here and happy. Nothing new but going to slow down for a few days due to Christmas. 2016 is here, is this the year for me? I have things planned and going to try to achieve them.


Now that Christmas is over and its New Year’s, new resolutions have been made, but whether they will be accomplished remains to be seen. Snow finally fell…will it last? I don’t think so. It’s already in the plus column, besides being better for my walker and preventing snow bumps.  

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