I feel awkward typing 2021. Where has the time gone? Life is going well and I’ve made my new resolution.  



Going well now, focusing on my lower back. I think it’s been neglected.


Strange going a bit too well but I did not want to push my luck; it did end earlier.


Weird that there is still no snow? Anyway, targeting mostly my core and yes performing some exercises from my book.


Made the book available at Lulu as well.


Just wanted to share this excellent image that was made for me.




My book has received an award nomination.




I just gave in to the temptation was too great….


I was recently mentioned on Yaya Diamonds Dream Chasers Radio.


I just had to.



Here I am doing an exercise going sideways keeping your torso straight only twisting with your arms. I found the most effective is using a rubber band you may place the band at different heights. You may also with your arms straight in front of you twist with your torso only.


The warmer weather is coming, and I have a plan and no cookies are involved.


Wanted to share this…. from Tuesday.


Sometimes a coffee break is required…


The walking has begun, 1 hour for now but 2-3 hours soon.


Just doing some pulling which is amazingly simple to accomplish for best results use a resistant band and have constant resistance. Different placement of the band or different pulling placement of the resistance band will target different muscle groups.


Sometimes you just must sit down, relax, and have a coffee.


Incredible news with my left eye, I was grabbing the phone to look at the song name which I needed to have the phone against my face to read the name. However last night I grabbed the phone and instantly with about a foot away from my face I was able to read the title of the song with no problem. Confused at the situation, I looked away then brought the phone back again against my face and I was able to read the title. Still, in disbelief, I quickly walked upstairs cutting my workout short as this caused major excitement.

I managed to reach the kitchen and turn on the tablet quickly. I wanted an article to read to check if I needed glasses to do so. I was puzzled about what was happening…. It seems that I do not require glasses to read the text however if I do put on the glasses, it makes it sharper. In my estimation, I regained about 40% of my sight in my left eye from not being able to read text close to my face to reading without an issue. If I wear the glasses for a while take them off and try to read it’s not as clear. However, if glasses are off for a while, I’m able to read the text seems a little over a foot is my limit maybe a little more.

Crawling has begun well actually it began earlier I just took the picture recently. It is incredibly good exercise, so I highly recommend you try to do it often.
Sometimes you just hide in the shade.
Getting Out has won a Silver Award at Literary Titan and received an Honorary mention at the 2021 New York Book Festival.
If you are strong enough, you can attempt this physiotherapy exercise which mostly targets your core strength and of course your stabilizing muscles. Get into a plank position and with your legs travel left and then right and try to keep a straight line in your form, however, it will not occur in the beginning until you are strong enough.
Uh, some days are humid, and with that when crawling a few mosquito bites happen.
I saw a workout I wanted to try well it looked easy on tv but when trying it’s a different story.

The website redesign has been completed, now I just wait for any bugs related issues that might be reported www.iwillbewalking.com. The elliptical machine will be brought downstairs with some slight modifications, so I don’t hit my head when I stand on it. To answer if the elliptical machine is good, I would say yes, it is particularly good it does stimulate the muscles that are used for walking, and you are strengthening them. Therefore, I would use it very often I am myself guilty of not using this often however it will be changing now.


After multiple requests to show the equipment I use, I have created a Products page where you are able to see some equivalent items. Everything is linked to Amazon to make things easier. Unfortunately, I never had that privilege and had to spend a lot of time looking.


I have been trying to improve on this exercise by doing u form with having your lower back flat against the floor; you just do a rocking motion forward and back.


I was doing some physiotherapy balance exercises which are described in the book however I felt confident and unfortunately, I pulled my hamstring muscle. This injury has been around two weeks now and thoughts are starting to form.


A genuinely nice website where you can discover wonderful books recommended including mine.

The best books in the physiotherapy for your recovery


I have this strange pain in my left thigh muscle, I have been trying to figure out what is causing the pain. Unfortunately, 97% of the exercises I perform on my legs does not fix the issue leaving me confused. I have decided not to go as hard on my legs and ignore the pain unless it worsens.


I’m still having leg pain but I’m ignoring it like I stated before. If it gets worse, I will stop.


Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year and wishing their new year resolutions to be fulfilled.