New year, new innovative ideas, but will they all work? That remains to be seen, but I will keep some old ones.


Just testing out a few things.


I have a few things planned for tomorrow and yes, a sweat drop might appear. In all seriousness everything is currently going smoothly


I still have pain in my left upper leg thigh, but I know how to treat it. The muscle is very tight, from neglect. I have been stretching it and I hope that it will do the trick.


The pain in my thigh persists even though the muscle is loose. Confused, I started stretching the other muscles in my legs.


Apparently, I know what is causing my thigh pain. It is a nerve problem, and to self-treat, it is necessary to loosen the area to prevent a nerve pinch. This is caused by a lot of sitting. I’ll update you soon if the stretching proves effective. It might take a few weeks to see an improvement



I’m ignoring my sore left quad for now. Though I’m still stretching, I think I’ve found what was causing my pain. Check back soon!


This is quite a simple and fun exercise. Hold your position as far to the side as possible while moving an object.


Unfortunately, I injured my knee while crawling. This has rendered me unable to crawl at the moment.


Getting Out has won a Gold Award at Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2022 a Silver Award at Literary Titan 2021 and received an Honorary mention at the 2021 New York Book Festival.


My ride had an upgrade now used often.


Everything is well, I took a picture before crawling.


The gold medal I received for the book arrived in my mailbox today.

Next Generation Indie Book Award Gold Medal


A small incident occurred when I went crawling and my arm gave out.


With my ride, I walk a lot, which is good for teaching proper leg movement and for taking a break occasionally.


Since the weather is cooperating, I’m doing quite a bit of crawling.


I found this video that I wanted to share.


I am doing well, but there is a lot of repetition with my exercises, so I do not have a picture to post at the moment, but I will do that soon.


All is okay, I pulled a muscle in my foot from a muscle strain. When my left quad gave out, boom to the ground I went sometimes the one more thought is off. Anyhow, for about a week, zero pressure could be applied to the foot, but the dark color is gone now. Despite being able to do minimal tasks, I am not able to put too much stress on it right now.