I hope one of your resolutions is still blooming. Another update: I think my foot will heal in two weeks; it is the foot bending that is bothering me.


All is well with my foot. It is about 95% healed now. That’s helpful because it was in my way.


Just a simple update, I have temporarily moved to my other room until the basement work is complete.


It is going good just a bit slow, but I need to be patient with where I want to be.


I’m in a good mood, about to crawl. This should be done regularly.


I just finished walking on my hands and feet as I returned. Roxy had other plans, and I seized the opportunity. Move your arms to the other side roundly while seated, adding resistance to engaging all the muscles to carry out the task.


Doing a simple exercise: touch the ceiling while standing. One or both hands with eyes open and closed.


Despite the humid weather, I kept forgetting to post this. Changing your shoe inserts every 2-3 weeks will keep your muscles active if you do standing exercises. It is okay to change into sandals or bare feet as long as you are cautious. The exercise is more challenging since you are your feet on an uneven surface.


Just enjoying the fire after my long walk.


A mosquito attacked me at 4am. The battle was grueling for an hour until the buzzing suddenly stopped. I exercised caution when closing my eyes, but still woke up at 6am. The rain has made me focus mostly on my standing exercises, even with a bruised knee.


You can have fun exercising by pretending to sweep.
Experiment with different broom positions or add resistance while sweeping.


I made my way to the fan, feeling the rush of air against my face. The distance to the destination was 1 km one way, and the terrain was mostly flat. I can barely walk today, but I’ll spare you the details about my legs.