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A Powerful Book about Overcoming the Odds.

It is a raw and unflinching account of the author’s struggles to learn to regain his muscle strength after life-changing surgery. Through this book, we get to know the author as a fighter and motivated to relearn all the things we take for granted. He is not afraid to lay bare the struggles with his wife, who appears unsympathetic at times.

The author outlines the numerous surgeries and details step-by-step how he regained strength in his muscles to learn to walk again. He gives solid advice like finding that one motivating thought that will keep you going each day. His motivation was simple: to build a snowman with his daughter. It was his reason to push his body to the limit every day.

From acupuncture to small muscle movements, the author was unafraid to try any treatment or exercise that would help improve his muscle strength. I found his open-mindedness to different treatments a testament to how much he was willing to try to walk again. The result is a book with exercises created by someone who went from a wheelchair to walking. His explanations are clear, and the accompanying photos show how to modify each activity to suit your ability.

Though his simple prose may slow down the book’s pacing at times, it does not detract from the emotional honesty of his words. The reader will feel each moment of frustration when he fails and joy when he finally takes those first steps. The author’s message is simple: find what motivates you, learn to accept changes will take time, and do not be afraid to push your body.

Siofer finishes the book with words of encouragement. He writes that he is a changed man through this experience: full of gratitude, purpose, and strength. The author has authored a powerful book on overcoming his disabilities through his ordeal, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.