15 Feb 2011

Doing well, working hard, standing for 45 minutes. My motivation continues to grow as I lose another 7 pounds, become stronger, and notice small improvements. The problem is that I’m getting results and can’t stop working out. I hope the next update will be it.  

April 25, 2011

Working out and still going strong. Getting a personal trainer has helped me improve my balance. I purchased fitness equipment to help me exercise. I am seeing small improvements in my workout strategy. My strength has improved, and I have better coordination.  

23 May 2011

My health is improving and things are going well. Dad built a monorail under the roof, so today at the top of the treadmill, I can simulate walking without supervision. I feel great, I am stronger, and I am moving forward with my life. I will update you as I progress.  

13 June 2011

I don’t know what to say. Still holding strong, not giving up. I’m trying my finest to reach my goal. One day it will happen.  

31 July 2011

I’m still working out and am going to try a new device that might help me balance better. I’ve had a personal trainer for some time now. Currently, we are targeting fine movements, which means I am ready, it’s just maintenance. Please stay tuned.  


Brainport training, too early to notice any changes. It takes 2 weeks.  

07 Sep 2011

I stopped using Brainport. I noticed no improvement. Therefore, I returned it. No matter what products you use, working out is a sure bet.  


I took three steps multiple times; my body is starting to hold. I’m waiting for the hospital to call so I can get into physio. Physio has its own building. I’m still working out. 


I was sick for a week, so working out was put on hold, but I’m back!  again.


Doing physiotherapy at a hospital in the physio building. Wish me luck.  


During my physiotherapy, I spent about 1.5 months in the hospital. Along with meeting new people, I learned new exercises, and got an idea for a new walker. I am constantly strengthening my legs. My changes have made me extremely happy, and I’ll keep you posted.