Best wishes for the New Year! First post of the year… what’s your resolution? I think you already know. My drain is out as I anticipated, and I worked out a bit but my leg started hurting so I stopped, but today is a new day. I have no other news to report.  



So, my bandage came off at. Night and did. Not put it on today. I have added. a few hours to my workouts, leg is holding for now, thinking to resume pool in March my leg should be ok by then.
*update *
I ment February not March, I mixed up the months.


So last night before bed I skimmed my teeth, and they were off around an eighth from alignment. I woke up around 3am and skimmed my teeth boom all straight in alignment. My muscles are still young but now pulling my jaw plus to top it off this morning I recorded myself, speech is up again.



Half the swelling is gone this morning and something happened today. Im good but tried to put full pressure on my leg but not pain more of a stinging sensation to stop asap. Going to put pressure on today, fingers crossed.


I’m back to myself, tried to push my leg and I would say I’m 99% there. Today I’m sure a 100% yes…. about time II want to try something new and I’m excited about this. The swelling is down maybe 2 more weeks. Cya


I started to workout lightly and nothing to strain my leg. I’m still a bit puffy for 2 more weeks or so, but overall, I’m good. I’m hoping to resume pool in early February will see. I’m focusing on exercises I neglected so my priority now.


Everything is good, I want to try an elliptical today leg should hold…. I have to say it feels good and different that you can have a conversation over the phone or in person, it has been a long time now I need more adjustment because I’m understood it’s weird. Well to me anyway….


Everything is going well, I’ll mention this: I find it very weird that if I need to sign something of importance my handshakes but if I resume to practice nice… weird huh? I’m now turned my focus to small muscles you can’t see or extraordinarily little or big. My leg held on the elliptical, but my endurance is low, it was expected I had over a month off.


Sure, it is cold out, but I’m back at 100%, doing better than usual. I was shown a new exercise, so I do it often, no it’s not easy for me but I’m improving.



Everything is good. I want to record a video of my accomplishment finally, but it’s cold outside and I don’t want to risk it and get sick, especially after surgery. I will wait for it to be recorded, promise!


I’m going to wait another week for the pool, I still have small red spots on my cut. I want to avoid any infection that can occur, tons of chemicals in the pool and my leg will be under water. Warmer today maybe I can go outside?


A new month…. aren’t you excited? I did go outside, got my fresh air in… well not exactly fresh but I was outside. The swelling is still there but I say it is remarkably close to my other cheek.


Everything is super! I pulled a muscle because of my super attitude but oh well. I made a video of my speech….


It is cold outside, so I stay in. I was going to try pool today, but my mom is sick so tomorrow I will go. Everything is good, I can’t complain: below I’m trying something new!



Happy Valentine’s Day!…… anyway, I had another week off from the pool, mom is feeling ill, but Tuesday is set. Everything is well, still cold. I’m going to try something new today, will see it looked easy.


Everything is good, finally pool tomorrow woo-hoo, I did a few new things yes, I held to answer your question. Below sexy me doing something new:



I started pool after a long break, to my surprise it went good heck better than well. My new exercises are working. I was steadier after a long break. My walker goal is possible by spring more but not going to set a timeframe. Everything is going forward and pool I notice the most.


I relaxed this weekend but now no more relaxing time to work…… Pool is going good for my time off I had, my workouts are better, and I have a smile… yes, a smile.


Pool made me very sore heck every muscle is sore, pool has to the verdict. I made a few new moves and that is why? Nice to be back…. I suggested painting the floor, to make it interesting but hey it’s just a beech idea of mine. Walking in the pool is going good making new moves I could not do before, pool is my cool off, but my basement is where most of my workouts happen.



New month… a fresh start anyway I’m taking this day off. I’m too sore it will do my body good. Things are going very well I might reach my goal I set woo-hoo


I’m a bit sore very often, is it the pool? Anyway, I just ignore it and continue with my routine hah. btw I’m good.


I have a blister on my toe, I would not say it’s hurting more like it grabs my attention that it’s there. Right now, I just ignore it. Below I’m trying something….



Well… finally I put/took off my shirt standing, yes, my shirt. It took me a while, but I can do it now…. Everything is well, especially in the pool, I’m able to do some marching and stand after, marching I mean knees high.


I started to walk with a noodle/board again it’s different walking since I can’t use my hands to help me but I’m managing. The first time I remember I could not make a step without falling but now….no problem.


I’m still tired, depleted of energy. Taking today off!


Pool is going well, I’m going to decrease my workouts since my nose bleed that occurs often, it just may be from body weakness. The picture below is of my scar (skin is red because I shaved) …. irritated, I guess. Cheek still puffy but down I’m told by May-June about the same time my movement of my right side is going to begin. Soon a “smile” will occur.



Ok so….I work out less and my performance increased? Yes, I know! It makes no sense…. I started to workout less now and gave myself a day off. I will test my pool performance tonight….


Everything is well, I overdid the elliptical a few days ago and o boy do I feel it now. I even cut my time in half but what can you do…. Pool is going well, slowly improving my posture not as bent as before but soon.



Things are going very well; I can’t complain only that it’s slow. It’s Monday time to get rolling! Picture at the pool with dad and my new friend.



I’m a bit ill just a cold and sore, I’m debating if I should go to pool today? I had this a few days now and my chocolate boost is not helping, I’ll see….


Ok…so I went to my surprise I did better than I expected, go figure? Weekend is here, and pool is closed, I will recover in the meantime…o and my voice changed haha


I still have a cold, gone by tomorrow? Anyway, I will attend pool tonight.


The cold is almost gone well by tomorrow for sure. I have concluded that I work out physically too much and my body takes a toll. I will now keep the physical to 3 times a week.



I hope everyone had a nice Easter. Time to burn off the food.


I’m improving in pool, heck I sometimes of my attempts of success. I’m thinking of getting light weights to help me go outside my balance circle….


I started doing new pool exercises I dreamed of before haha things are slowly improving. I can surely and confidently say I’m close until my grasp…now was there ever any negative doubts?



Well, it is a rainy day, shame…and I had plans. I must do other things now!


New month and finally nice outside which I still plan to take advantage while I can…


Pool is going well; I surprised myself that I can do an exercise. We shall see today just how far is my underestimated level?


I managed to do a little, knew of my pushed legs… I’ll try it fresh again Monday.


I wanted to share the bracelet my daughter made for me.

photo 1


I started to train my “hard” exercise in the pool with my other ones… which I can do. I must say I see improvement or is it the milk I’m drinking? It’s working in either case….and not going to complain.


ok…during my daughter’s communion last night my legs shook. It shook when I stud or walked. heck everything was off like 2 years ago. I must figure out what exercise caused this behavior. In other news I moved up to level 2 on my elliptical machine…. well, going a few days now. I even sweat…


I concluded that it was my elliptical, level 2 push and 3 days straight was a bit too much. I had 3 days off and I’m debating today…. not sore as I was.


I rested 3 days from my elliptical, I did half my time the first round now I’m back at my full time. So, 3 days and two off then 3 and 1 off will see how that goes. I started up being on my cushion unit and mostly trying “hard stuff”.



I have decided to recharge my battery in mid-June…. meaning nothing that will cause excess strain. Why do you ask? I need to just relax for a recharge, I don’t remember having one! In either case it’s time.


We have a new month, and a few new things planned. Last night at around 11am I was deprived of any energy like I have been sucked dry…. I could not do anything at all, I was so weak. Today is a bit better but still weak, I would say 40% or so I’m don’t know the cause at all. I need an energy drink…


Can’t complain now, everything is going well…. I increased my rest time and fuel intake and I’m ok now, the question is… what will happen if I increase my glass of milk?


Now I know what made me weak at around 7pm, lack of fuel… yes, I had my chocolate, milk, and a sandwich and boom I had the power after 30 minutes.


ok so…I’m back at it. I fixed my lack of energy, and I can do more, figures… I was burning way more than consuming. Now it’s out of my way.


The weather is good, not too hot, so I raised it another level on my elliptical. Nothing is better than being all wet? Well, I try to avoid it, besides, I haven’t done the laundry yet!



This week is my relaxation week, no hard exercise. I need to recharge…. heck everything needs to be recharged sometimes.


So far, I’m holding from not excessing, not sure for how long? I’m very tempted…. it’s harder than I thought.


I had around a week off from excessive exercise, it was hard, but I survived. I have a pool clip from 2 weeks ago.


I had a good day last night; it was bubble gum. Anyway, I felt good and over impressed myself!


It got warm. It cut my stuff a little, twisted my schedule ahhh the heat! This little setback is only temporary, my nerves are running low. If the heat doesn’t change, I will drink more and do my stuff!


This drinking more is not helping….I scaled back instead.


So, it’s Sunday….I’m taking it easy today plus it got cooler, so I took a pic of myself.

2014-07-06 10.22.04


At the pole busting a move…


Congrats Germany I had a beer to celebrate in this hot weather.


I pulled a muscle today…cut my training short. I’m still urged to try something, the question is, should I?


Chilling inside my rail bars…. pic from 2 weeks ago.



It is very humid today; I’m skipping my outside training and going inside for my training. In the evening? will see how it is.


I’m happy to say I up scaled my elliptical to a new level, it’s 7 now. I’m hoping ten by end of September… will see. 7 was arduous work but I pulled it off.


Ok… so I have a red eye and have had it for a few days now. I’m not sure how…either sweat got in, scratched by towel or pillow while sleeping? In either case I’ll wait another day and then get it checked.


My eye is 95% healed I think but 1 more day of wait. It’s a pain to get it checked…… now it won’t hurt to wait.


The eye is about 98% but you be the judge, eye lid a bit droopy still, but eye is ok.



I think I’m all healed up now well…my thought. I’m showing my nicely healing scar from my face surgery.



Everything is well….as you see my right side of my face started to change. See the creases on the right side and bottom of my lips? Interesting… things are starting to change.

2014-08-14 18.39.11


I would like to thank the owner Joe of the new Fortino’s {fiesta mall location, 102 Highway #8, Stoney Creek) for the shopping cart donation, this will really help. I encourage everyone to visit the store, it has made a huge impression on me plus this new state-of-the-art shopping cart which really grabbed my attention.

photo 2


Dad made the cart mod I requested, nothing major. Removed top cart bin and added some weight in front for better stability. I’m rolling in style now…. Just jump in and I can give you a ride.



Going for walks with the new cart, going better than I thought. I got burned walking, go figure. Always wanted a farmer’s tan.


I was testing my new knee pads and I got a nice cut on the top of my foot…. don’t know why? This means a few days off from the pool.


I must say I surprised myself to level 9 on the elliptical level 10 by the end of the month. Let’s get serious…. I will crush my goal that I set for myself and thinking it’s too high. Below with my sexy stick….



I’m happy to announce beginning of my long-awaited facial movement. Everything will be improving until next December. Right now, it is very minimal so no video until major change that is noticeable.

2014-09-10 08.57.59


Everything is going upward maybe slow but it’s going. Muscle in my leg is sore ahhhh no pain no gain, right?


It’s going nicely I must say, face getting better, balance improving etc. Posting a picture of me standing….



ok…. something went into my toe, got it out. However, it’s now worse, noticed small pain after pool hmmm made a doctor appointment. I guess few days off from pool now.


I’m debating if I should resume pool? Besides it’s not that bad. Will see… in other news: more facial movement and major facial swelling disappearance,


I figured I’ll send my updated expression. This will keep improving until next Dec, so I must be patient. I’m getting sexier each passing month plus now I can do thirty pushups…. now the video of this shocking revelation will appear, it’s not every day I can do it haha


I got my spot checked out and had a piece cut with 2 stitches as my reward, I will know in a week once the results are in if I require further work. Better safe than sorry later…I say.


I bummed around this weekend, but I thought about working-out…. does that count?


Got my foot checked, no further intervention is required. Will miss 1 more week of pool plus somehow, I busted my lower back… ah always something.


Ok…I busted my lower back; this interference is not acceptable. I don’t know why or how this happened but it’s preventing me from doing my exercises. Taking off another day uh.


I’m going to resume pool tonight, back pain or not. I don’t feel good about missing more days…. Hoping for the best. However, my toe is now ok fyi.


I have resumed pool, minor back/foot pain but I can deal with it. I also started my old exercises in my basement.



Ok the pain is getting very annoying; can I survive the weekend and then rest from the pool?


Feeling good a bit of back pain but avoiding anything that works my back…. but I’m good otherwise plus starting my online Christmas shopping.


Good News! I figured out why I’m hurting my back…it hit me this morning. Going to avoid this exercise for a few days, we will see what happens.


Well, it was not what I thought it was but now I will try multiple exercises that involve my back. I need to speed this up, I have plans.


I figured it out this morning with the new pain. It’s pool exercise…. Yes, the pool, to think it was impossible was foolish of me. I will now omit the exercises in pool that involves my back, I will report in a few days.


I was correct, it was the pool. Less pain now but I will wait till Monday and lightly do back, will see how it goes.


I’m a bit tired today but I’m 80% back on my back exercises. I hope to be 100% on Monday, my plan anyway. I have included a before and after photo of my toe, sorry nails are not painted.



My back is at 60% but I know the cause, I’ll wait until Christmas and drop my lower back exercises. My back muscles need recovery and I use them too soon. It should be enough time….I hope.


Back is better maybe lack of exercise. Christmas shopping 90% done, not leaving the house! Picture from pool…



I worked on my back lightly and it’s holding. Will try around 80% today and tomorrow will see how it is. The good news is that I’m done with the Christmas shopping… yes, I’m done. The lack of snow is not helpful with my Christmas spirit.


No back pain! I will stay cool and do 70-80% on my back so as not to get over excited. I ordered a kettle bell instead of my medicine ball, it will be easier to hold. I will post a picture soon.


I upped my back involvement to 90% but I’m not going to push it anymore, going to relax it today. Face is changing…. soon sexy expressions. For now, that’s all.


I worked my back 98% and…., I still got pool to go. At a 100% can I be ok before Christmas? I think so but will see…


I omitted one exercise involving my back, yes, I was afraid…very afraid. I can say 99% of back is recovered.


No back pain! Yes, I’m good now, I wrote the following to get you ready for Christmas.

2014-12-10 20.38.30


I have a announcement! After a month’s delay, I’m on level 10 on the elliptical. I could have been earlier but now it’s accomplished. Level 11 in a month sooner.


Since I’m a year older today, I’m going to eat some cookies and cake plus maybe drink a beer. Did I mention a day off today? Well…. it’s off.


I’m tempted to try level 11 on the elliptical, should I? will see how Monday plays around, well if the chocolate boost occurs. Just thoughts right now…. but it starts there, I think?


Now that the temptation has been fulfilled, I am at level 11. Coming up in a month is 12th level… my goal has surpassed my expectations this year! Looking forward to 2015