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I Will Be Walking focuses on helping individuals learn how to regain their balance through proven physical exercises. It is the best guide for someone who has experienced balance issues. Greg Siofer, following a brain cyst operation which severely affected his balance, found himself confined to a wheelchair. He experienced a lot of pain and understands the helplessness this brings. However, he fought back with endless self-belief and determination. He has managed to get his life back on track. This helped inspire him to author a book to help himself and others. Getting Out: My Story Plus the Exercises and Experience I Learned That Can Help You Get Out From the Wheelchair, is designed to help people who are confined to a wheelchair and get them to exercise to get the most from it. 

The book has already won two awards and there is potential for so much more. His book is the best guide for someone that has balance issues because of trauma, illness, surgery, stroke etc. Sometimes these people lack the resources and assistance they need to start the journey towards full recovery. Visit the I Will Be Walking website at to learn more about Greg Siofer and to purchase his inspiring book today! You will be happy that you did!

Now that you know more about, I Will Be Walking, let’s talk about post brain surgery balance issues for many people. Post-brain surgery patients may experience balance issues due to the damage caused to the vestibular system. This condition is often treated with a combination of medications and vestibular rehabilitation therapy. Therapy focuses on restoring functional balance and compensating for vestibular dysfunction by training the brain to use alternative signals. During rehabilitation, the patient performs exercises that use eye, body, and head motion to retrain the vestibular system.

In addition to the vestibular system, the visual system is responsible for maintaining postural balance. After a head injury, the vestibular and visual systems are damaged. As a result, patients may experience difficulty in maintaining their balance and experiencing dizziness or vertigo. These symptoms may come and go as they heal, and some may experience them for months or years.

Helpful Articles