About me

“One’s life holds no value unless they are providing assistance to others.”

Greg Siofer was born in Poland but moved to Canada in 1989 and grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. He attended Mohawk College, in Hamilton, where he attained a diploma in Web Applications – Computer Systems Technician and today he works online with people who need balance recovery help.

Greg knows the struggles of recovering from a serious illness extremely well. Following a brain cyst operation which severely affected his balance, he found himself confined to a wheelchair for much of the time and has experienced the pain and helplessness that this brings. However, he has fought back with endless self-belief and determination and has managed to get his life back on track.

Turning to writing as a way of helping himself and others, his book, Getting Out: My Story Plus The Exercises And Experience I Learned That Can Help You Get Out From The Wheelchair, is designed to help people who are confined to a wheelchair to exercise and get the most from it. The book has already won 2 awards and there is a potential for more.

Greg currently lives with his parents and his dog Roxy. He has a daughter from a previous marriage whom he dotes on and in his free time he enjoys reading, learning computer repair techniques, writing, exercising, and watching Netflix. He does a lot of research into his condition and runs a personal blog at www.iwillbewalking.com assisting people with similar situations.

Greg’s greatest ambition is to fully recover and pass on what he has learned so that it will help others. He hopes that his book will go a long way to doing this and will become an inspiration to many.

About me