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Getting Out has won a Gold Award at Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2022 a Silver Award at Literary Titan 2021. Received an Honorary mention at the 2021 New York Book Festival, and obtained the Editor’s Choice Award of Literary Excellence 2024 from Reader’s House Magazine.

I Will Be Walking

Getting Out – Press Release.

Restore Your Balance With The Help of an Experienced Person

People develop balance issues because of trauma, illness, and age and sometimes lack the resources and help they need to start the journey to full recovery. This website provides a solution to that problem.

I Will Be Walking focuses on helping individuals learn how to regain their balance through proven physical exercises, and the best guide is someone who has experienced balance issues.

My book titled “Getting Out” talks about my experience with imbalance and how I was able to recover various aspects, relearn to walk and get back on my feet. This book has won several awards because it motivates people to continue the journey to recovery.

Never Give Up

It’s hard to believe how weak I was.

Our objective is to maintain a straight posture with slightly elevated buttocks, enabling you to perform knee crossing or lifting movements, despite the potential difficulty.
You can either pull your knee up to your chest or cross your leg.
This can be enhanced by adding ankle weights.
I am presenting you with an idea that encompasses different variations.

Video footage recorded by my security camera.
I’ve incorporated my larger walker into my daily routine, walking twice a day.
I always feel drained after coming back because it requires a two-hour journey every time.


I am proud to have achieved my goal of walking across the entire pool. Watching things evokes a flood of memories.
Pool therapy, in my view, is the most effective because of the supportive and resistant nature of the water. Ensure that you have a helper with you.


Greg Siofer
Award-Winning author / blogger

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