April 25, 2010

For those who are curious, I will finally provide an update. The procedure was completed well, and the extraction was only mildly painful.  

It was painless. I received 18 million stem cells with 92% vitality, a 40% success rate, and it can take 1-3 months to become effective. I was given pain medications just in case, all was alright, and headed back to the hotel. Despite the minor back pain that I dealt with the next day, it wasn’t until the third day that I was unable to sit, lay, or move.  Due to the large amount of pain meds, I had, they weren’t working, and I got high. I stopped experiencing pain after six days.

Currently, I’m in Poland doing one-on-one physiotherapy. During my two months of training, I made amazing progress. As of now, I’m able to get up from a chair (legs only) and stand for 7 minutes on a good day.  Although I have a long way to go, I am extremely happy with my progress.  Challenging work pays off.  

You have given me strength and willpower not to let you down because of your belief in me.  

Aug 29, 2010

Since I began this project, a lot has happened to me. My wife filed for separation on May 02 when I was doing this. I would be lying if I said it did not affect me, because it did.  It cost me a few good weeks and I am still thinking about it. Rather than cry about it, I’m more determined than ever to get back to normal.  

Oct 30


I’m at home, but I’m still working out. My body is also undergoing acupuncture.  There’s a 90% chance of recovery.  I’m drafting a book about my experience; I hope people will find it useful.

I’ll keep you updated.